What Is The Best Bar Stool For A Kitchen Island?

The Best Bar Stool For Kitchen IslandOwning a kitchen island comes with it's own challenges, usually with choosing the best bar stool to slide under the kitchen worktop. Although bar stool height is to be considered, so is the style and material to ensure it compliments the kitchen island which is the centerpiece of the room. We have some options and answers to your question about the best bar stool for a kitchen island.

How high should the bar stool be for the kitchen island?

To sit comfortably we would recommend a height between 65cm and 70cm. This won't be too high but most importantly not too low, with just this simple height recommendation that narrows down the range when asking yourself "what height bar stool do I need for a kitchen island?".

Bar Stool with or without a back

Next up you need to decide if you want a backrest or not when sitting below your kitchen island worktop, there's many positives and negatives for each option, somethings you should ask yourself when choosing to have a back or not would be, do you need the support? do you live in an environment where you need to turn around easily, potentially using a swivel chair with a back or is it for safety so children and the elderly do not fall? These are questions we find our customers asking all the time when choosing the perfect stool to sit under their worktop

Different stool styles

Finally we have probably the most difficult choice after deciding on the correct height and that's choosing the correct style. The options are endless with stools such as ones made of leather or faux leather, industrial style and velvet. Stools made from wood, steel or plastic. The end goal when choosing should be the one that best compliments your kitchen island and you. Here at Enhance My Kitchen we like to offer a wide range of styles to suit not just all kitchens but all personalities, click the button below to have a look at some more of our favourite and best selling stools that other customers find are the best bar stools for a kitchen island