Benefits Of A Stainless Steel Sink

Stainless steel sinks are a very common choice in the UK when it comes to kitchens, but why is that? I will cut through some of the benefits of a stainless steel sink and why you should look into one as your next purchase!


A very big positive of buying a stainless steel sink is that they are a lot more affordable than sinks that are made from other materials such as granite or ceramic. Even the higher end thicker steel sinks are very well priced when compared to a granite counterpart. You can find steel sinks from large companies such as Reginox floating around £80-£150 which is amazing for the quality you get!


First on the list for why it is a good choice to get a stainless steel sink is its maintenance. Stainless steel sinks retain their shine for years without any rust or other tarnishes.  The steel surface can take the most strenuous scrubs and heaviest dishes (although scratching can occur if done incorrectly). Another benefit is that liquids that would usually leave stains won’t discolour it. The surface is also very sanitary since it deflects harmful bacteria from accumulating. This aids the fact that the sinks are very easy to clean! On top of that, they cannot chip or crack.


My favourite reasoning behind stainless steel sinks. It goes with so many different styles! Whether you are rocking a neo-industrial bachelor pad or lounging in a quaint country estate, 9 times out of 10 a stainless steel sink is going to suit it. I love this, as the flexibility means that there is a lot less stress once buying.

Overall I think the stainless steel sink is definitely the safe option when buying a sink. It lends itself to many options stylistically as well as being  very affordable and manageable.

Our Top 5 favourite stainless steel sinks: