My Top Five Favourite Brands On Enhance My Kitchen

Everyone loves a brand.

Here at Enhance My Kitchen, we’re no different. We provide a number of different brands on our website, who sell various different products. From sinks and taps to storage units and kitchen islands, we sell a number of items that would suit your kitchen.

Here are my top five favourite brands on Enhance My Kitchen.


One of the brands we have on our website is Prima. The Prima products we have range from the traditional sinks and taps, to ovens, fridges, and washing machines.

Naturally, the sinks from Prima have proven to be very popular. You can see why. The granite sinks are beautifully designed, and come with 80% Quartz content with ULTRA CLEAN anti-bacterial formula.

The taps, too, are very popular. As are many Prima products. There’s wine coolers, oven hobs, and much more. So don’t miss out!


Next up, it’s Ellsi. Again, another very popular brand that we have available. The sinks and taps they provide are amongst the more popular items, as are many on this list.

The 3 In 1 Boiling Water Tap with Boiler and Filter is the stand-out product. Boiling Water Taps are becoming increasingly popular in kitchens, as they cut down on waiting for the kettle to boil! They’re easy and safe to use, and well worth adding into your kitchen.

The Ellsi sinks are also popular, with granite and stainless steel designs available. A variety of colours and designs available.


Moving onto bar stools, the selection we have from Lamboro are quality and ones that would be perfect for your kitchen.

If you’re looking for a classy yet modern bar stool, look no further than the Antico Bar Stool. They come in grey, black and brown, meaning the selection would suit a range of kitchens, so pick up the Antico today.

Other designs range from the bright and colourful designs, or more understated copper aesthetics. No matter the design you’re after, we’ll have something that you’ll absolutely love.


Franke sinks and taps have always been popular. They’re well established and people know the name and style, and that’s why they make their way onto this list.

Whether it’s stainless steel or granite, a Franke sink is iconic. There’s many designs from the Maris to the Urban, and from the Antea to the Basis. There’s a number of sink designs to fit your kitchen.

They also have a number of tap options, with both of a more traditional design, as well as something a little bit more modern. Check them out.


Stepping away from the traditional kitchen items of taps and sinks, the selection of Baumhaus products we have available would be perfect for any kitchen.

One of the best-selling products from Baumahus is the kitchen island. Coming in a variety of colours and your choice of granite top, a kitchen island is becoming a must-have in any kitchen. The design is modern yet classy, meaning it will suit any design.

Or if you want storage, our products from Baumhaus are for you. A range of sizes, designs and colours means that you’ll find the perfect storage unit to suit your aesthetic needs.