The Top Five Boiling Water Taps On Enhance My Kitchen

Put on your thinking tap!

Boiling water taps are a popular addition to kitchens, and it’s understandable why. They offer the standard hot and cold water, but also upto 98 degrees celsius boiling water at a moment’s notice. No more waiting for the kettle to boil!

You may have already read our blog on the Top Five Taps we have available. In this blog, we’ve delved a little deeper and looked into the very popular and growing trend of boiling water taps, detailing five of the most popular.

Reginox Amanzi 3-in-1 Instant Hot Water Kitchen Tap

First on the list is the Reginox Amanzi 3-in-1 Instant Hot Water Kitchen Tap. This beautiful chrome tap would be an ideal addition to your kitchen.

The tap offers standard hot & cold water dispensed at your desired temperature through the elegant swivel mixer lever. Boiling water is instantly dispensed via the Child Safe Spring Locked Handle, running independently through the centre of the spout so your tap is always cool to the touch.

This item is a great tap, definitely one that you shouldn’t miss out on. Get yours today.

Ellsi 3-in-1 Boiling Water Tap with Boiler and Filter

The Ellsi 3-in-1 Boiling Water Tap with Boiler and Filter would be a fantastic choice for your kitchen, and that’s why it finds its way onto the list.

Available in a variety of colours – gold, chrome, copper and matt black. This means we can find a tap for you, regardless of your kitchen design. If you’re asking me, my personal favourite is the matt black boiling water tap. 

There is no excess boiling to discharge so it is safer and more energy efficient. A popular item, pick one of these up today.

Abode Profile 3 Part 4-in-1 Tap

Next up on our list is Abode Profile 3 Part 4-in-1 Tap. This tap is available in either a chrome or brushed steel finish, which are both high quality. 

This tap offers the benefits of a kitchen mixer tap with the addition of filtered cold and 80 to 99 degrees filtered steaming hot water on demand. So it offers something the other taps on the list can’t.

It has a digital touch control boiler display and a 360° rotating thermally insulated spout, meaning this tap can go in any direction.

Insinkerator Lecce Chrome Hot Tap

Obtain your drinkable hot water straight from the Insinkerator Lecce Chrome Hot Tap. The pack comes complete with Hot Tap in Chrome, Filter and Tank that allows you to simply set the water temperature from 75°C to 98°C.

A dazzling chrome finish, this hot tap has a unique unvented system which is different from every boiling water tap. The tap’s sensors ensure adequate water level and prevent overheating.

Made from high quality brass material, the tap is environmentally friendly so no water is wasted. Don’t miss out, pick one up today

Wisteria Traditional Twist Hot Tap

Finally, we have the Wisteria Traditional Twist Hot Tap. This tap is not like the others, it blends the traditional styling of the tap with the modern functionality of the boiling water tap.

Available in a polished chrome finish, the Wisteria tap produces filtered drinking water, filtered 75-98 degrees celsius boiled water and normal main hot water. It dispenses boiling hot water via a single lever with the safe locking mechanism.

So if you’re looking for something that will look perfect in a traditional kitchen but offers something completely different, then this tap is definitely for you.