The Top Five Taps on Enhance My Kitchen

Tap into brilliance!

A kitchen isn’t complete without a tap. The perfect tap can be the finishing touch to enhancing your kitchen, and we have you covered. From modern to traditional taps, or from motion sensors to boiling water taps, we have a range of taps that will really enhance your kitchen.

Here are my top five taps that you should consider for your kitchen today.

Twin Lever Mono Kitchen Mixer Tap

First on my list is the Twin Lever Mono Kitchen Mixer Tap. Available in black, copper, chrome, nickel and steel, there is a range of colours to choose from. Better yet, there is a variety of handle colours to add a splash of colour to your kitchen. 

Comes with an easy to use twin lever design, which gives you maximum control over the flow and temperature. This tap has quarter turn ceramic disc technology, so it is long-lasting and there are no drips once you’ve turned the tap off.

One of our best sellers, and you can see why. It is a brilliant tap. Personally, I would recommend you purchase one of these in a block colour, something that will really enhance your kitchen.

Traditional Twist HOT TAP 4 Polished Chrome Finish

Fancy a cuppa but you hate waiting for the kettle to boil? Then the Traditional Twist HOT TAP 4 Polished Chrome Finish  is for you.

The tap instantly dispenses up to 98°C steaming hot filtered water. It does this via a single lever with the safe locking mechanism. This prevents the boiling water from being turned on accidentally so there’s no need to worry.

A traditional tap, but with a modern edge. A brilliant tap that truly blends two styles within one unique product.

Insinkerator Hot Tap

This product can help you cut down on kettle wait time. The Insinkerator Hot Tap is next on our list. This is available in brushed steel, chrome, or anthracite, meaning it will suit a variety of kitchen designs.

Like other boiling water taps, it dispenses your regular cold and hot water, as well as boiling water up to 98°C filtered steaming hot water. This is a 3 in 1 set, meaning it comes with a hot tap, filter and tank that allows you to simply set the water temperature from 75°C to 98°C.

It is manufactured to the highest standards and adds a sleek contemporary feel to your worktop with a single appliance. A more costly item in the list, but it’s definitely worth it!

LED Digital Hot Tap 6 Black & Copper Finish

The the LED Digital Hot Tap 6 in a Black and Copper finish is a perfect addition to any kitchen. A brilliant boiling water tap, which dispenses up to 98°C steaming hot filtered water. 

It dispenses boiling hot water via a single lever with a safe locking mechanism included, so this makes it a lot safer in case it ends up in the wrong hands. The tap is environmentally friendly, meaning no water is wasted.

The tap is made from high quality brass materia, and has sensors to ensure adequate water level and prevent overheating.

Prima Swan-Neck Cross-Handle Mixer Tap

Finally, we have the Prima Swan-Neck Cross-Handle Mixer Tap. Available in both chrome and brushed steel, so there is a variation to pick from.

The twin cross lever design gives off a more contemporary and classic design, but the tap can definitely suit a more modern kitchen too. It comes with a flow aerator for controlled water delivery.

A brilliant mixer tap, with its trendy yet traditional design. Something that can really blend two styles together in your kitchen.