Top Five Bar Stools on Enhance My Kitchen

bar stools under kitchen island

Too cool for stool! 

Furniture is an extremely important aspect of a kitchen’s personality. One way you can help this is through the use of bar stools. These provide a fantastic addition to the room, and can really tie together the aesthetic.

These are my top five bar stools that you should consider for your kitchen today.

Antico Bar Stool

Our first slot goes to the Antico stool. This stool looks brilliant in a wide variety of kitchen styles and colour schemes. 

The fixed height offers stability and comfort which gives you the best experience possible when using. Perfect after a long day at work, the backrest offers great lumbar support for your back due to its ideal height. The addition of the footrest bar allows you to put your feet up and completely relax! I would definitely recommend this for those looking to add another classy piece onto their modern kitchen.

The stool is available in a range of colours; brown, grey, or black. This means there is plenty of choice when it comes to pairing this stool to your kitchen. The Antico oozes class and sophistication with its gorgeous faux leather seat and fine intricate stitching which gives you a very premium feel and look when using it daily.

Carcaso Bar Stool

Next on the list is the Carcaso Bar Stool. A brilliant and funky design, this bar stool is made to stand out.

The great thing about this barstool is that it’s very easy to use. This is due to its height adjustable gas lift lever. It also uses a practical 360 degree swivel seat top, which makes it extremely dynamic in its usage.

This bar stool is currently available in a wide variety of colours. It’s a fantastic addition to any kitchen, regardless of the design. It has a very unique design, one that will really pop in any room it’s used in.

Eccellente Signature Leather Bar Stool

A stylish and fashionable design, the Eccellente Signature Leather Bar Stool is another one of our favourites!

Made using their premium leather, this bar stool is available in 5 colours. This means there’s a very good chance it will suit your kitchen once it’s in your room! From the bright colours of lime and mustard, to the more understated black or charcoal design, this stool will blend into any kitchen design you may have.

The padded seat offers a lot more comfort, whilst the 360 degree swivel movement allows you to be completely dynamic in the usage of the stool.

Tuscany Bar Stool

Would you prefer a wooden finish? Then maybe the Tuscany Bar Stool might be the one for you! With an elegant and robust design, this bar stool is a fantastic choice for any kitchen.

The bar stool comes with a reinforced steel cross frame and an integrated footrest, meaning that you can relax and take it easy with a truly fantastic addition to your kitchen.

With four colours to choose from, which includes more vintage shades of brown. The Tuscany stool offers style without forgetting comfort. Coming with a natural wooden seat and a slim metal base, this bar stool is not to be missed.

Cube Bar Stool

Maybe you would prefer something a little more contemporary? If so, the Cube Bar Stool is the ideal one for you.

Available in either black, purple, red, or white, this means the Cube can fit a wide range of styles and colour schemes in your kitchen! Its a luxury design, finished in a slick satin varnish with a cushioned faux leather seat. The fixed height keeps it sturdy which makes it a lot more comfortable.

It also comes with a footrest on all sides embedded within the stool, meaning you can sit on it from all angles. An overall solid and bold stool which is perfect when paired with your morning coffee!