Why Fit A Self-adhesive Splashback Behind Your Cooker?

Kitchen Splashback

The purpose of a Laura Ashley or House Beautiful kitchen splashback is primarily to protect the walls behind kitchen appliances, normally cookers and hobs.

Hygienic kitchen glass peel and stick splashbacks, can be wiped clean much easier than painted plaster or tiles that have grout lines.

They are also useful behind freestanding microwaves or mobile worktop electric hobs and ovens, as they prevent the steam and heat from damaging the wall behind.

Keeping the moisture off a painted drywall is smart. Moisture on the paint and plaster wall won't seem like much of a problem to begin with. However, eventually this surface will be exposed to multiple moisture events from seaming boiling water or fat from the frying pan, it will start to mould and apart from being unhygienic, will be an expensive difficult replacement.

Laura Ashley and House beautiful kitchen splashbacks are available with a great selection of designer patterns, marble and solid colours such as champagne, grey, frosted white, copper and white, manufactured here in Great Britain and have a 5 year guarantee.

In summary, what is a splashback used for? A kitchen splashback is a wipe-clean, hygienic smooth surface fitted to your kitchen wall to protect it from cooking grease, water, and steam.