The Top Five Granite Sinks On Enhance My Kitchen

Let that sink in.

Granite sinks are a growing trend in kitchens. These sinks give off a beautiful satin sheen which compliments a variety of kitchen styles and colour schemes. They are also more resistant to scratches, stains and heat than their stainless steel counterparts.

Here are the top five granite sinks that would be great additions to your kitchen. 

A product that is exclusive to Enhance My Kitchen, the EMK Cascada Sink has a classy and brilliant design, and would be a standout in any kitchen.

Its exclusive design means that you would be one of only a few to own this brilliant sink. There’s choice in the size of bowl and shape you want, as it comes in both a 1.0 and a 1.5 bowl. The contemporary and modern design which offers both style and functionality, this sink is heat, stain, scratch and impact resistant.

There’s more! A waste kit is provided with the sink, and you’re also protected long term, with a 15 year manufacturers guarantee.

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EMK Cascada

Next on the list is the Prima+ Sink and Drainer. Coming in a variety of bowl sizes and colours, this sink would suit a range of kitchens.

With 80% Quartz content with ULTRA CLEAN anti-bacterial formula, this granite sink boasts a number of colours, including black, white, stone, gunmetal, and grey. It’s finished in a durable, stain & scratch resistant composite so this means that you can use it to its full potential without worrying about day to day defects.

The granite sink comes with its own complete plumbing, waste & overflow kit meaning there’s no need to purchase any extras!

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With its signature sleek design which will fit all styles of kitchen, the Ellsi Inset Reversible 1.0/1.5 Bowl Sink is not to be missed.

It’s an inset sink which means installation will be very easy for you, as well as it being reversible meaning you can install it on whichever side suits your kitchen more. Manufactured with GRP, which is a composite made with a mixture of Resin and Glass Fibre. This makes it exceptionally durable for you and your daily kitchen ventures. Also, it is resistant to stains, scratches, and impact so maintenance will never be an issue. 

It also comes in a variety of colours, so you will always find a sink to match your kitchen. On top of all of that, it also comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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Another granite sink on our list is this Franke Urban 1.0/1.5 Bowl Sink. It comes in a variety of colours so there’s a good chance there’s a sink that will look perfect in your kitchen.

These sinks are made from fragranite. The surface remains unaffected by temperatures up to 280°C meaning no kitchen task is too difficult for it. Also, fragranite is resistant to impacts and thermal shock, and even knives won’t scratch the surface.

This sink is reversible, meaning that you can choose which side it is installed on. And better yet, it is complete with Basket Strainer Waste & Round Overflow.

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Finally, we have the Reginox Amsterdam Inset Granite 1.5 Bowl Sink. It embraces the simplicity of minimalist design, comfort and luxury.

Constructed out of granite and synthetic resin mix making it hygienic and easy to clean. It is available in three finish choices – black, white or grey. The waste kit is also included with the sink. It is also reversible so that the drainer can be placed on either side for more convenience.

Only coming in a 1.5 bowl currently, the sink has dimensions of 1000mm by 500mm. A great sink, pick one up today!

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These are just a selection of the brilliant range we have available. With a variety of styles and colours, there will be a granite sink to suit your needs. What do you think are the top granite sinks on Enhance My Kitchen?

Interested in any of these and wish to enquire? Check out our collection below or call us on 01933 449977.

[Words: Ryan Payne]