How To Install A Hot Water Tap

Can’t Handle the Heat? How to Install a Hot Water Tap - Step by Step Guide

So you’re looking to buy a boiler tap from Enhance My Kitchen, but now you're worried about the installation process. Should I hire someone to do it? Should I stick with my old tap and kettle? Shockingly, my answer to you to both is no. You don’t need to worry, I have the step by step instruction (with a complimentary video if that's preferred) to show you how to install your hot tap today!

1. Isolate Your Water Supply

The first step is to Isolate Your Water Supply turning off your home’s hot and mains cold-water supply, normally with a local isolation valve. After that, run both the hot and cold taps to drain the system of all remaining water. Ensure before the next stages your taps remain open.

2. Clear Some Space

Next thing to do is Clear Some Space by emptying out your cupboard beneath to allow space to work. Next, remove your old kitchen tap by loosening the support clamps (I would recommend a tray underneath to catch any dripping water). When the area under your sink is dry, position your tap’s boiler to be as close to the hot and cold water feeds as well as a safe plug socket, normally positioned in an adjoining cupboard. At this stage, do not attach the feeds or plug into the safe socket.

3. Install Boiling Water Tap

Now the old is out, time to Install The Boiling Water Tap. Place your new tap’s hot and cold feeds through the sink or worktop tap hole. Referring to the tap manufacturer’s instructions, clamp the tap with the retaining mechanism to your sink. To help, an adjustable spanner will normally be adequate.

4. Connect Your Mobile Boiler

Now the tap is in position, you can now connect your mobile boiler to your tap with the supplied connection pipes, following your manufacturer’s instructions. Be aware of your cold-water pressure as if this exceeds your tap’s maximum pressure, you may need to fit a pressure reducing valve to be compliant with your manufacturer’s guarantee.

5. Final Few Bits

Before you plug in and switch on your boiler, fill the boiler with normal mains pressure by turning on the isolation valve and then check thoroughly for leaks. Allow the water to flow to your instant boiling water tap. Next step is to turn the instant hot water handle on your tap and hold it in order to fill your boiler (should take about a minute). When the boiler is full, water will begin to flow from your tap after clearing any air. Turn off your tap and carefully check the boiler connections for any leaks or loose connections. Once you have checked connections and leaks, it is now safe to plug in and turn on your mobile boiler.

After this, all you need to do is follow your tap’s specific operating instructions and then ta da! You got yourself a swanky new boiler tap and can have a celebratory cup of tea instantly!